About Us

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About Us

Our recipe dates back to 1964 when the late Wak Jamil used to peddle his sate at Queen Elizabeth Walk, Wayang Satu and Police Academy. 


Our founder made it better after doing several R & D, choosing the best premium cut for our Beef and Mutton sate which results in our tender and delicious sate meat. We use lean meat and our sate is pan-grilled with olive oil. We do not use MSG or any preservatives in our sate and gravy hence our sate is a healthier choice. The recipe for the sate gravy was also tweaked and improved on further to give it an extra kick!


We wanted to provide sate lovers with an alternative way of eating sate. We also wanted to make sate easily available for lunch and the eating of sate convenient and hassle-free especially for office lunch, corporate events, workshops and seminars. With no sate sticks, there’s definitely no mess!


We first introduced our Sate Bentos in late 2014 and a year later, we introduced the Sate Platters. The Sate Platters are perfect for sharing with family and friends. With a choice of 3 or 4 meat, everyone gets to eat their favourite meat! Since then, our Sate Platters have become very popular for those having gatherings, celebrations and even for office lunch. They’re a MUST-HAVE! 


Despite the modern look and the fact that our sate is fat-free, our customers are still able to enjoy the same authentic taste of yesteryears.